Steph Curry, Jordan Poole’s hilariously memeable reaction to foul call

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Steph, JP’s memeable reaction to absurd foul call vs. Knicks originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

A reaction meme was born midway through the fourth quarter during the Warriors‘ matchup against the New York Knicks on Friday at Chase Center.

Jordan Poole hit a 3-pointer to extend the Warriors’ lead to 13, 95-82, with under eight minutes to play. Back on defense, Poole contested Jalen Brunson‘s shot, leading to it falling short.

As Donte DiVincenzo was ready to get the Warriors going on offense, the referee blew the whistle late, calling a foul on Poole and awarding three shots to Brunson.

Then, a new reaction meme was born.

While Poole was puzzled by the call, Steph Curry took the spotlight by popping into everyone’s screen with an expression that simply said, “They are really going to call that a foul?”

Coach Steve Kerr challenged the foul, and after a review, referees waived off the original call, stopping everyone from losing their cool and not permitting the Knicks to potentially cut the Warriors’ lead to 10.

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Nonetheless, the call did give the internet a meme that many will use from here on out.

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