Dimitar Berbatov: Spurs in a great position under Conte and Kane is returning to his best

Dimitar Berbatov: Spurs in a great position under Conte and Kane is returning to his best

Despite their exit in the League Cup, I think Spurs are in a good position and they are going into the game on Sunday against Arsenal confident with their league form.

The new manager is paying dividends in the league, but even if it’s a bit early still we know that wherever Antonio Conte goes he brings discipline and hard training.

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I’m pretty sure that he is working the players hard, which can be a bit boring at times with all the tactical stuff but as long as it pays off, especially for Spurs because we all know they need to win something, then it’s worth it and they will understand that it is good for them.

So, Tottenham are in a great position in the league right now.

Having watched a lot of Spurs games recently, I’m pleased to see Harry Kane getting back to his usual self, which is a good thing for everyone connected with the club. But again let’s not jump to conclusions, it’s better off to leave Spurs out of the spotlight, in the past they haven’t been able to handle that pressure, he will get back to his best again, these things take time.

We all know how important Kane is for the club, the team starts with him.

Ndombele has a big decision to make at Spurs

The situation for Tanguy Ndombele isn’t good for him, and things clearly aren’t working out. I’ve not seen him impress at Spurs and they spent a lot of money on him, I wasn’t convinced when they spent that money and there haven’t been any performances since he signed to change my mind. There’s clearly an issue.

It’s never good to be booed by your own fans, that’s terrible and the solution is very easy. If you’re not happy, if you don’t get the playing time you deserve you go and speak to the manager, Conte in this case, and see what your position is in the team.

If you get assurances about more playing time then you start training hard and overcome these difficulties, if not then you want to leave. If he is to leave, hopefully Spurs recover some of their losses.

Conte can make a statement with Spurs in the North London Derby

Arsenal are doing well at the minute and I think Mikel Arteta is finally showing everybody that he is a good coach, and is on the road to becoming great in the future. I’ve been really impressed with the way he has dealt with problems at the club, the way he makes the team play, how he wants them to play and stick to it.

They have gone through a rough spell and they have bounced back. At the moment they look good in the league and Sunday will be a tough game.

The North London derby is always a big game, and this one is interesting because it’s a great opportunity for Spurs to make a statement about their top four chances.

They have a number of games in hand and they have to make them all count.

This match could really kick start the rest of the season for Spurs and it’s important for Conte to really make a statement. He will get the Spurs players really pumped up for this one, I don’t doubt that.

I’m sure we will see him jumping up and down on the touchline and I expect the players to show the same passion, you have to in these matches.

Chelsea have the chance to get back in title race with a win on Saturday

At the moment it looks as though Manchester City are running away with the tile, Chelsea are 10 points behind them, which is ridiculous at this stage. People will say that a 10 point lead is too much to catch, especially when it’s this City side.

Lets not jump to conclusions, there are gams to be played, mistakes to be made from everybody and if Chelsea can take advantage of any mistakes City make then maybe they have a slim chance, not only them but Liverpool too. For the moment, that 10 point gap is a comfortable lead.

I’m expecting an even match between City and Chelsea, they are both really good. I admire the way Chelsea play, they have a really balanced squad. Thomas Tuchel is a great coach.

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They have the chance to do something at the Etihad and if they win and make the gap seven points then they’re back in it and can put some pressure on.

Romelu Lukaku has been training and has straightened out his relationship with the manager and the fans. They have said what they needed to say and he’s back in the team. The whole situation was poor timing. You have to wonder why he would say something like that half way through the season, you’d wait until the season is over to say something like that.

It was a mistake to do that in my opinion, and it was something that nobody at Chelsea needed and it’s put a lot of pressure on Lukaku. These things happen in football and now they’ve sorted things out and he has to work hard and prove himself on the pitch. He can be a really valuable player for Chelsea.