Should Liverpool break the bank to keep Salah?

Should Liverpool break the bank to keep Salah?

Mohamed Salah is not looking for a transfer away from Anfield, saying his contract requests at Liverpool aren’t “crazy.”

The 29-year-old is on a blistering run with the Reds in what is clearly the best half-season of his career; Salah has 23 goals and nine assists in 26 matches across all competitions for the Reds. Messi numbers. Lewandowski numbers.

But if he wants Messi money, well…

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Salah has a contract through the 2022-23 season and has been linked with Real Madrid more than a few times in recent seasons, but the Egyptian star insists that remaining at Liverpool is his goal assuming they can meet his demands.

“They know what I want, I’m not asking for crazy stuff,” Salah told GQ. “The thing is when you ask for something and they show you they can give you something,” he says, they should, “because they appreciate what you did for the club. I’ve been here for my fifth year here now. I know the club very well. I love the fans. The fans love me. But with the administration, they have [been] told the situation. It’s in their hands.”

So how much is Mohamed Salah worth?

According to reports, Salah makes around $275,000 a week on his current deal. Marca reports that the 10th-best salary in football is Lewandowski’s $483,000-per-week deal.

This will be an unthinkable thing to read for Liverpool fans, because Salah is currently crafting seasons worthy of soccer lore, but how smart is it for Liverpool to shatter its wage structure for a forward who turns 30 this summer?

That’s not because Salah can’t put up ridiculous numbers for a few more years but the club touts Virgil van Dijk as the best defender on the planet and Alisson Becker the same as goalkeeper. For a club that also wants a marquee center forward and presumably a top central midfielder, that’s going to mean a lot of spending.

Yes, spending comes with success, but Jurgen Klopp has consistently griped about the dollars (or pounds or euros) spent by Man City, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and the like. And by the like, that might be the entire list because Liverpool outspends most clubs on the planet.

So by inking Salah long-term, Liverpool ownership would either be telling the team that those types of wages are possible if you show up and show out at Anfield. Or they’d be essentially declaring that Salah is their guy and anyone who can earn that much elsewhere can, essentially, be bought. Which is fine, we guess.

Maybe that’s all off-base but the question for Liverpool is this: If the choice came down to four more years of Salah over anyone else, would you?

Also, those shorts?!?!?

The GQ article is a really interesting deep dive into Salah and we’d encourage to read it but we’d also encourage you to take a look at the picture of Salah in the Liverpool retro top and short shorts.

We don’t have any problem with the fashion, necessarily, but the price tag says the shorts retail for a cool $500 or so.

I want to go on record as saying there is no such comfort on earth that makes a pair of shorts worth $500. Even with built-in, solar-powered cooling or warming technology, I’m not sure you should ever go further than three figures on a pair of shorts

Just saying. Even if $500 isn’t a big part of your budget, the mustard that falls out of your burger and onto your shorts near the pool would feel like a nuclear leak.

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