Dimitar Berbatov: Betfair ambassador stuns fans at VAR-batov launch

Dimitar Berbatov: Betfair ambassador stuns fans at VAR-batov launch

Dimitar Berbatov: Betfair ambassador stuns fans at VAR-batov launch

Three football fans had the surprise of their lives when Dimitar Berbatov surprised them on a video call.

Betfair Ambassador Berbatov will be judging football injustices in a new weekly feature for Betfair and, to launch the series, he dropped in virtually on three supporters who told him all about their unfair football moments.

“I will speak the truth”

Speaking about surprising the fans, Betfair Ambassador Berbatov said:

“Football can be very cruel to players and especially fans. You can have a great game and deserve to be winning but then in the 95th minute a decision could go against you and ‘bam’, you lose the match and you are heartbroken. It used to take me a long time to get over these moments.

“I enjoyed speaking to the three fans and hearing about their unfair moments. Their stories were sad, unfortunate but also funny. I was listening to them and I couldn’t believe that these things actually happened, they were so unlucky. I’m sure we all have a story like one of theirs and it’s good to laugh about it.”

“I’m looking forward to my new role as VAR-Batov and I am going to be a fair judge. I will always speak the truth and call out the injustices that I see, after all, it’s only fair.”

Meeting Berba almost makes up for missing goal

United fan Dan, 35, was over the moon at meeting one of his heroes:

“When Berbatov came on I couldn’t believe it, it was amazing to spend time with such a great United player and talk about football and things at the club.

“Back in 1999 when United won the treble I was watching the final at home with my family. Sixty minutes in I needed the toilet, I knew United would score because they always scored late. When Teddy Sheringham scored the equaliser I jumped up and went crazy, then I ran upstairs to the toilet, washed my hands and as I came out I heard screaming from the living room, I missed United’s winning goal.

“The commentators said: ‘You’ll always remember where you were when this goal was scored.’ Well, I was in the toilet, I’d missed it all.”

A magician and a Spurs legend

Richard, 41-year-old Spurs, couldn’t believe it when he was greeted on the call by one of his favourite former players:

“It was bonkers, he’s a Spurs legend and I was blown away to see him on the call. As soon as I heard his voice I thought: ‘Oh my God, it’s Berba!’ He’s up there as one of Spurs’ greatest ever players, he was a magician and I’ve been watching the club since 1987 and I haven’t seen many players better than him.

“It was interesting to hear his views, everyone has their opinion on Spurs at the minute, but speaking to someone who’s been in football, at the club and in similar situations, you really get that human aspect of everything.”

Arsenal fan Adil, 40, was shocked when he saw Dimitar:

“When I was telling my story of my unfair moment it was a brilliant surprise to meet a Premier League great. When he first came on the screen and turned his chair around I thought he was a James Bond villain. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was Berbatov… Even though he’s a Spurs legend, it was great to speak to him about Arsenal and hear his views.”

Betfair’s VAR-Batov series will start next week, and people are encouraged to tweet their moments of football injustice from the upcoming weekend that have affected their bet to @Betfair using #VARBatov.