Dimitar Berbatov: Fearless Ronaldo would bring goals and glamour to City

Dimitar Berbatov: Fearless Ronaldo would bring goals and glamour to City

If it’s true that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to Man City then I am shocked. I didn’t think it would happen but then I remembered that my former-team-mate Carlos Tevez played for both United and City and Andy Cole did the same. Peter Schmeichel also played for the blues after being a huge player for United under Sir Alex.

It would be fascinating to see Ronaldo return to the Premier League. He made his name in England. It will be great for the Premier League and bring in even bigger audiences from all over the world.

Painful for United fans

That Ronaldo has played for Real Madrid and Juventus since leaving United would soften the blow for Red Devils fans. It’s not like with Tevez, who left United for City.

But why were United not trying to sign Ronaldo? If they didn’t try to get him then United can’t complain about Ronaldo joining City.

For fans, it is always painful to see one of their idols joining a rival. But great players are not afraid of controversy, so Ronaldo won’t worry about what people think about him making this move.

We don’t know yet whether it was a mistake for United not to try to re-sign him. Yes, this is Ronaldo we’re talking about but time waits for nobody. United have signed Jadon Sancho, they have Edinson Cavani and Marcus Rashford up front too, so they have a lot of options.

Ronaldo will expect to start

City would have to accommodate Ronaldo by moving other players to fit in around him. Ronaldo is not going to City to sit on the bench. I am curious to see where he will play. City players are probably texting each other in excitement now about the prospect of playing with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo and Messi suited 956.jpg

City would be a new challenge for Ronaldo which is what he is always looking for. Some players can defy age. Giggsy did it, Paolo Maldini did it and so did Edwin van der Sar.

Ronaldo and Lionel Messi can keep playing at the top until they’re in their late-30s. They will adapt their games but they will still both be forces to reckon with.

No catalyst for Champions League glory

I’m not convinced that Ronaldo’s signing means City will win the Champions League this season. He’s been playing for Juventus for the past three seasons and they didn’t manage to do it.

City will win the Champions League one day whether that’s under Pep Guardiola or another manager. If they win it this year then everyone will say Ronaldo was the catalyst but it takes a great team to win the Champions League.

Move keeps Ronaldo v Messi rivalry alive

For years, Ronaldo and Messi have spurred each other on to great heights. Messi has moved to PSG and now Ronaldo could be going to City for another chapter in his career. They are locked in a race and for the rest of us it is entertaining to watch.

I can’t say whether I think Ronaldo will be a better signing for City than Harry Kane would have been. They are both wonderful players who bring different qualities to a team.

Ronaldo still wants to be number one

I only played one season with Ronaldo at United. He worked tirelessly, taking caring of himself to stay fit. We could always count on him to score important goals. He had extraordinary abilities, that powerful shot with either foot, his running and heading. When we needed a special player to shine, he always stepped up.

He was surrounded by great players but his natural gifts meant he didn’t need advice. He was 100% committed to becoming a better player and his self-belief drove him on to be the best. He and Messi exemplify what great players should be.

He will add goals, experience and glamour to City and his arrival means they will win more trophies. He’s 36 but he will want to be number one.