Georgia tennis duo miss Olympics after officials fail to submit paperwork

Two Georgian tennis players are officially out of the Olympics, though the problem is they were never actually in the Olympics in the first place.

Georgia’s Oksana Kalashinikova and Ekaterine Gorgodze qualified to compete in Tokyo, but learned too late that officials in their country never actually got around to filing the paperwork for their entry, per the Associated Press.

The result is that neither athlete made it to Tokyo, and one of them was openly devastated and livid about the situation on Twitter.

The pair made an eleventh-hour appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to be included in the competition on Wednesday, but that was a long shot considering the women’s doubles draw had already been completed.

The Court quickly denied their appeal, announcing Friday that it had ruled there was no way to include them. Per the Court’s release, Kalashnikova and Gorgodze were indeed eligible for entry in Tokyo, but were informed by the International Tennis Federation on July 16 that neither the Georgian National Olympic Committee nor the Georgian Tennis Federation had submitted their entry paperwork, despite the GNOC telling them that the application had been submitted.

“The consequence, however unfortunate for the two athletes, can only be the dismissal of their petition,” the Court concluded in its statement.

Kalashnikova is currently ranked 76th in the world by the WTA’s singles rankings, while Gorgodze is ranked 117th.

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