How To Find Profitable Football Leagues

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Profitable Leagues for Football Betting

When betting on football, there are leagues that can potentially be a gold-mine, whilst there are also leagues you will want to avoid. This article will show you how to find the best leagues for betting on with FootyStats.

To follow along, open up our League Search. By default, this page will show all of the leagues supported by FootyStats ordered first by country and then domestic ranking. At the time of writing, we support almost 700 leagues worldwide.

This search tool allows you to filter through all of these leagues, choosing the stats and values that fit what you’re looking for. You can filter for goals, win percentages, corners, cards and more.

As an example, let us imagine I’m looking for a league that consistently provides goals in its fixtures. I would start by adjusting the AVG Goals Scored to a minimum of 2.50 goals per game. I would then adjust +2.5 Goals Percentage to 50% or more. You can hit the search button at any time and re-edit the filters as you go along. Personally, I like to start with a wide-ranging search and then sort my results.

You’re also able to filter the leagues based on the gender of the players and the status of the league, be it in-progress, upcoming or recently completed. We also offer pre-defined searches based on what our users usually search for to assist with your football analysis:

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