Stats : PSG Lead Arsenal for the Most Expensive Season Ticket Award

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For the first time in several years Arsenal have been knocked off the top of the table when it comes to season ticket prices. French Ligue 1 team Paris Saint-Germain have a season ticket which costs a staggering £2200. This is a 10% difference than watching Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

Premier League football returns this week after the international break and teams will be hoping they can go on a winning streak. Match tickets for Premier League football have been increasing year on year and it doesn’t look like stopping, well at least for the home fans. Two years ago, the FA introduced a cap on away ticket prices for fans at £30 which was well received. However, home tickets have no limit and down to the discretion of the club. Ticket compare website Fan Seats have been monitoring ticket prices for the top teams including Arsenal, Liverpool FC and Manchester United.

Here is a list of the top 5 UK teams and their respective highest priced season tickets.

  1. Arsenal

Highest priced season ticket: £2,020

  1. Tottenham

Highest priced season ticket: £1,890

  1. Chelsea

Highest priced season ticket: £1,220

  1. Manchester United

Highest priced season ticket: £950

  1. Liverpool

Highest priced season ticket: £875


How Other European Teams Compare

La Liga – Spain

Highest priced season ticket: £1,840

Highest priced season ticket: £907


Bundesliga – Germany

Highest priced season ticket: £1,210

Highest priced season ticket: £800


Ligue 1 – France

Highest priced season ticket: £2120


Several of the top teams in Europe include VIP with their highest priced tickets so whilst comparable to the Premier League in terms of price, the add-ons such as food and drink exceeds it. We’re not sure if the rise of online streaming services such as FuboTV and DAZN have on the revenue of the leagues and whether that will affect how much the fans have to pay for stadium seats. We hope that most leagues in the world follow Bundesliga’s example and try to keep the cost of the season tickets low for loyal long-time fans.

PSG and Real Madrid certainly can charge higher premiums as they need to finance giant transfers season after season (although Madrid not so much recently). And Barcelona charges a relatively friendly price for being able to watch Messi in action at the Camp Nou.

That being said, the demand for the Premier League is higher than ever with millions watching on tv and thousands in attendance. Whether the prices will keep increasing remains to be seen. Fed up with the price of football and want to enjoy your evenings doing something different? I often play casino online in my spare free time.

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